We are just amazing!

We know that you probably are in a hurry, most of our customers are. If you don’t have the time to read this text to the end, please just pick up the phone and dial
+971 4 2283 012 and we’ll give you the one-minute-executive-summary over the phone.
Otherwise, this is how it goes...

  • Consultation

  • Document Processing

  • Transportation

What’s the catch ?

How can we have superior service without charging extra? First of all we are a lean organization with only minimal overhead costs. Secondly we are an independent company and customize each shipment with the best suitable network for best quality and price.

How it Works


We love chatting and having great times. We love meeting our clients to show them what we do. Pricing, Import/Export procedures or anything else, just drop in and we'll explain everything.

Document Clearing

We take care of delivery notes, custom papers, exchange B/L's, custom's submissions and all other the paperwork that you can ever think of. 100% correct documentation greatly reduces the risk of delays and lost shipments. We've got an experienced team to handle all of that. We even help you with online document processing & clearings.


Customs Inspection Release, Port to warehouse delivery, Empty container submission, Break bulk transportation, we got them all covered.


Our Strengths

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

We are great

We’re a small team. We all know what the others are working on, and you know who is doing the work for you. Communication is easy.

We are modern

We know the rules, but we’re not afraid to experiment. We’re aware of today’s trends and will never put out work that we aren’t proud of.

We are friendly

We love chatting and having great times. We love meeting our clients in informal places around a hot latte, along with a thick slice of carrot cake.